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Vermont Credential Transparency Project

Advance Vermont is currently collecting credential program information from Vermont’s education and training providers.  Explore these programs in our interactive database on MyFutureVT.org.

The State of Credentials

All Vermonters deserve access to clear and accurate information in order to find the educational pathway that best fits their lives. The civic and economic vitality of the state improves when everyone can identify education and training opportunities and easily see the value of post-high school credentials.

But the truth is, the credential marketplace can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. Advance Vermont is tackling this challenge head-on by with its Vermont Credential Transparency Project (VCTP).

Our Goal: Inventory all postsecondary credentials available in Vermont for the benefit of students, workers, education and training providers, and state leaders.

How It Works

Advance Vermont is partnering with post-high school credential awarding public and private education and training providers from across the state to collect and publish accurate and organized program and credential information. The first round of data is available through Advance Vermont’s MyFutureVT career and education resource hub.

The initiative provides the tools and resources that will help the people of Vermont:

  • Chart clear paths to and from credentials and jobs
  • Utilize a common language and coalesce on needed skills and competencies
  • Connect education and training credential information with labor market insights to better support credential and skill attainment

VCTP thrives on partnerships with Vermont’s training providers, regional technical centers, and college and universities. A typical credential inventory process follows this model:

Connect: Advance Vermont meets with education and training providers to share the details of the VCTP and why we think it is so important.

Plan: We work together to come up with a data collection game plan with each provider. This includes identifying readily available data, gaps in program data, and opportunities for technical assistance and support. This collaborative process results in an inventory of program information that is ready for publishing.

Implement: The data will be published to two public places for Vermonters to easily access:

           1. A database of education and training programs on MyFutureVT.

           2. Credential Engine’s Credential Finder where credential information from Vermont and other states doing similar work is available. This will give Vermont’s program information national visibility.

Benefits to Vermont

Individuals: Access to clear and accurate program information empowers students and workers to find the credential that works best for them and their education and career goals. 

Policymakers: Comprehensive program and credential information helps inform workforce development and education policy decisions.

Employers: Increased knowledge of the credential options leads to new partnerships with education and training providers, and more informed hiring decisions.

Education and Training Providers: New marketing opportunities to bring increased regional and national exposure to Vermont’s programs, while offering providers new data to make informed choices about offerings and delivery models.

Our Partners

Advance Vermont is excited to be plugging into a regional initiative led by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) and Credential Engine. These two organizations are working with New England states to tackle the problems posed by the current credentialing landscape. NEBHE and Credential Engine teamed up in 2018 when the Lumina Foundation awarded NEBHE a grant to launch their High-Value Credential for New England initiative. 

    To become involved or learn more about the project, please reach out to Gina Pandolfo at [email protected].


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