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Advance Vermont is developing a web portal called MyFutureVT to provide Vermonters with the information, guidance, and assistance they need to identify and access valuable educational opportunities that will advance their careers, employable skills, income stability, and job readiness. The goal of MyFutureVT is to ensure that Vermonters achieve their maximum career potential and contribute to the strength of Vermont’s economy and communities. The portal will increase the number of people in Vermont who aspire to, access, afford, and attain valuable postsecondary learning opportunities and credentials. MyFutureVT will launch in early 2021.

Why a portal?

Identifying, evaluating, and accessing education and training programs can be confusing, costly, and time-consuming. 

There are many print and online resources available to Vermonters including information, tools, support services, and financial aid. But those resources are not always easy to find, and it is not always clear how to access what is available or who to turn to for support. This is a particular challenge among low-income and historically disadvantaged populations. According to Advance Vermont research, today’s students are juggling life, work, and education responsibilities like never before. Ninety percent of Vermont students currently or recently enrolled in post-high school education and training report an online resource like MyFutureVT would have been helpful as they sought to advance their job skills. 

Public Viewpoint: COVID-19 Work and Education Survey. Strada Education Network. April 1-2, 2020. 

COVID-19 has grown the need for MyFutureVT. An unsettled economy will have long-lasting impacts on the careers of so many Vermonters. Demand for a skilled workforce will grow in the wake of the pandemic as it did after the Great Recession—99% of jobs created in the economic recovery went to those with at least some college education. That is trend is bearing out in public perception today. Nationally, 1 in 3 workers believe that if they lose their jobs due to the current crisis, they will need more education to find comparable positions.


The MyFutureVT portal will offer a sustainable, accessible, online “one stop shopping” resource that will bring visibility to new and existing resources for Vermont workers, showcase the diversity and accessibility of the broad range of career and education pathways in Vermont, and boost public awareness of the state’s high-demand, high-wage jobs and priority sectors.

Advance Vermont is engaging with the portal target audience and stakeholders to inform portal content and design. Our efforts to date indicate that it should include information and resources regarding:

  • The value and diversity of postsecondary credentials and career training
  • Information on Vermont’s high-demand, high-wage careers and how to access training for such jobs
  • Links to tools, guides, support services, and job boards


The goals of the portal are two-fold:

1. Create a user-friendly, web-based resource for the public and navigators that:

  • Serves as a one-stop shop for anyone seeking postsecondary education, training, or employment in Vermont- regardless of experience, knowledge, language level, or ability
  • Increases awareness of Vermont’s high-demand, high-wage jobs and priority sectors
  • Grows visibility for the programs, services, guides, financial supports, and other resources designed to support those looking for postsecondary education, training, or employment

2.  Advance systems-level change by:

  • Growing awareness of the importance of education after high school and the diversity of postsecondary options — particularly non-degree pathways
  • Making access to opportunities, information, and supports for education, training, and employment more equitable
  • Strengthening the connections between education, training, and employment


MyFutureVT will reach a statewide audience of job seekers, prospective students of any age, “navigators” such as service providers, career counselors, employers, and influential family members such as parents or spouses. It is being designed to meet the needs of low-income Vermonters, first-generation students, and historically marginalized Vermonters.

The voice of prospective MyFutureVT end users is front and center throughout the development, refinement, and evaluation of the portal. Surveys, focus groups, design methodology, and ongoing partner engagement strategies are all geared toward securing and acting on the input of the audience the portal is intended to reach and assist. 

Project Approach

A statewide, cross-sector project steering committee has been launched to advise in the development of the portal. Advance Vermont is working closely with key knowledge partners like the J. Warren & Lois McClure Foundation, the Vermont Department of Labor, and the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation, to ensure that MyFutureVT will integrate their best thinking and existing materials, and avoid duplicating efforts. We are working closely with the McClure Foundation to incorporate and expand on their “Pathways to Promising Careers” initiative, which compiles lists of the highest-paying, highest-demand jobs in Vermont and highlights some of the local education and training opportunities that lead to them.


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