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His films may one day come to a theater near you. But getting where he is has not come without twists and turns. Jeremy was incarcerated when he discovered his passion and talent for screenwriting. With the help of a VSAC counselor, Jeremy utilized non-degree grants to take a college course while incarcerated. Upon his release, he continued his studies first at Burlington College and then at Champlain College while on an affordable, semester-long exchange program.

When the deal ran out, Jeremy was lucky enough to meet with the President of Champlain College and secure a scholarship to finish his degree at the institution. Jeremy graduated from his program and finished his first film – which gained the attention and support of Julie Pacino, move-producing-daughter of Al Pacino. With a film under his belt, Jeremy was accepted to the University of Southern California where he is now a George Lucas Scholarship. Jeremy is clear that the path to success is not linear.

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  • 1Feature-length film