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Why is credential transparency important?

It can be hard for people to find their way through new or ever-changing landscapes without proper navigation equipment. Even experienced hikers can get lost in dense terrain without a map and a compass. So how can we expect people to be able to navigate the education and training credential landscape without robust resources to guide them?

Credential Engine, whose mission is to map the credential landscape with clear and consistent information, recently published a report which found that there are nearly 1 million credentials offered in the United States. This data includes 2 thousand credential options right here in Vermont. While post-high school education and training provides vital opportunities for people to get ahead, the current landscape is not easily navigable. With so many credentials to choose from, people can get overwhelmed and lost.

What is credential transparency?

Innovative tools, like MyFutureVT, can be that map and compass for education seekers. They deploy what has come to be known as credential transparency. Credential transparency means that essential information about credentials — including program details, costs, and their associated skills and competencies — are public, easily accessible, and actionable. MyFutureVT’s education and training credentials database helps make that information more easily navigable, and Advance Vermont is deeply committed to bringing greater credential transparency to Vermont.

Credential transparency illuminates paths through education and training into careers. Transparent credential data can also help non-profit organizations, education and training providers, policymakers, employers, and state agencies to discover areas of need so they can better allocate resources to create any missing pathways. This way people can have equitable, reliable, and accessible paths to fill their needs.