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Diane Reflexologist

Diane’s mother desperately wanted her daughter to attend college. And she did – 35 years later. When Diane graduated high school, her educational options had been limited: study to become a nurse, a teacher, a secretary, or a wife. Diane took a different route. She spent 27 years running a farm with her husband and raising their kids. She spent the next eight years working as a machinist in a factory. It was then that Diane made a courageous decision: to go to massage school.

Diane said she realized she had been practicing alternative medicine all her life and decided to formally make a career switch. Diane now runs her own reflexology practice and is currently pursuing a professional studies degree. A self-designed program, she has decided to focus on wellness and alternative medicine to best help her patients. She manages to balance her practice with her schooling by taking online and intensive, seven-week long courses. It’s never too late to chase your dreams.

  • 35 Years between high school and college
  • 27Years running a farm
  • 1 Reflexology practice