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My Life, My Path Navigator Toolkit

Resources for Navigators

There is a wide and caring network of people who help students, workers, and community members along on their education and training journeys — we call them ‘navigators.’ It is vital that navigators are well-equipped with the resources necessary to promote supportive and ongoing conversation about the importance of education and training after high school. Below is a compilation of resources Advance Vermont has created, alongside MyFutureVT.org, to help navigators feel ready to discuss the variety of postsecondary options.

5 Tips for Talking About Education and Training After High School

It is important to be prepared with the right framing and language about education and training after high school before having conversations with students, employees, or other community members. We have compiled five areas of focus to help promote thoughtful and empowering discussions:

1. Emphasize empowerment and choice to help ensure that someone is choosing a career and education pathway they are excited about and invested in.

2. Focus on inclusive language by using terms like ‘credentials’ and ‘education and training after high school’ to include all credential types in the conversation.

3. Consider the end goal as purpose and motivation for continuing education and training.

4. Reinforce the variety of credentials because many Vermonters do not know the extent of their education and training options.

5. Introduce stackable credentials to help imagine an education and training journey that is made up of smaller, more manageable commitments.

Explore this document and share it with other navigators to help all Vermonters have the conversations and mentorship they deserve.

“My Life, My Path” Poster

This poster could be hung up in your office, a hallway, or even the door of a bathroom stall. The important thing is to put this in a high-traffic location to spark curiosity among your students, employees, or community members. Let’s be honest — not many people read posters, they look at posters. This fun and colorful visual helps to give someone a quick look at all the different postsecondary pathways available to them.

Social Media Messaging and Graphics

Social media is one of the most effective ways to communicate with a large group of community members. Whether you are posting to your own networks or promoting content to Vermonters who are not familiar with your work, engaging social media graphics are always a valuable way to reach your audience. These social media graphics from our “My Life, My Path” campaign are for anyone to share. You can use them in your classrooms, on your social media accounts, and in any other way you see fit. Five graphics are included, each focusing on a different postsecondary pathway. They have been adjusted to provide space for your organization’s logo in the bottom right corner. We have also included some sample copy to use for your posts if you wish. Happy posting!

FAFSA First, FAFSA For Your Future

Affordability is one of the major barriers standing between Vermonters and their education and training after high school. Not all Vermonters know that there are millions of dollars in state and federal financial aid available to help them earn a postsecondary credential. Filing the FAFSA is the first step toward unlocking this money, and is a vital component of bringing down program costs. This video raises awareness about the importance of filing the FAFSA. Use it in your classroom, class meetings, newsletters, social media, or any other venue you use to communicate about post-high school education and training.

College and Event Planning Toolkit

Regionally based college and career events can help students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests access education and training resources. These events send the message to individuals that the community supports them in pursuing their goals. This toolkit, created in partnership with VSAC, is designed to be brief, hands-on, and immediately useful to event planners. Keep your eyes peeled for a soon-to-be-released updated toolkit, with new tips about planning virtual events!


Webinar Resources

As part of VSAC’s Vermont Applies initiative, Advance Vermont co-hosted a workshop on December 11th, entitled “My Life, My Path.” Vermont Applies is a month-long initiative from VSAC to help students and families prepare for life after high school. The workshop was one of six presentations aimed at helping students apply to college, work, and/or training opportunities. 
The goal of the virtual session was to bring greater awareness to high school students of the variety of post-high school education and training pathways in Vermont that can lead to high-pay, high-demand jobs, and the supports available to help them pursue those pathways. Watch the presentation or check out the PowerPoint to learn more. 


Coming Soon: MyFutureVT

There are many print and online resources available to Vermonters including information, tools, support services, and financial aid. But those resources are not always easy to find, and it is not always clear who to turn to for support. Advance Vermont is developing MyFutureVT, an online hub to connect Vermont residents of all ages and backgrounds with the career and education information they need to advance in their careers, build employable skills, and meet their personal and professional goals.

Learn more and sign up to get important updates on MyFutureVT’s development and be among the first to give it a test drive before it is launched!


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